So you have a website. That website has a certain number of unique visitors. Those visitors are more than likely on Facebook or Instagram. If not, they’ve probably interacted with something on the platform. Now imagine your Facebook page and your website collaborating to find you potential customers. Sound unbelievable?

Believe it.

It’s called the Facebook Pixel and it’s changed the way we market on the web. This piece of code generated by Facebook and installed on the back end of your site, allows Facebook to match your visitors to its members and create audiences for your content based on the likelihood of those profiles using your service. This creates an uber-targeted audience for your ads that can be filtered by interests, locations, and other demographics.

Simply put, it’s a game changer.

No longer do companies have to promote blindly to the largely uninterested public. The pixel switches the market from quantity to quality. Now your marketing efforts are streamlined to an audience much more likely to use your service… and we couldn’t be more excited about the possibilities.

Pick one of our plans including the Social Media Optimization option and we’ll explain the process and install the pixel on your site.

– TheDreamHUB