Choosing a Logo

So you want a logo for your business. You want it to represent you well while keeping it clean and simple. Where do you start?


Choosing a font can be the most difficult part of a logo. In our opinion, it gives your business a personality. Do you want your logo to project a fun and whimsical image? Choose a script font. If you want to portray a more classic, professional vibe, then a serif font is your best choice. A sans serif gives your logo a happy medium feel–modern and clean. Whatever font you choose, make sure you’re not going to get tired of it quickly. Script fonts tend to come and go quicker than others so a logo update may be needed sooner if you go that route.

Whatever you choose, make sure you love it!


The colors you choose for your logo can give your clients a feeling of peace or excitement, comfort or boldness. Blues tend to evoke a feeling of trust while yellow brings optimism and warmth. Reds create excitement while black and white triggers balance and neutrality.

Before you start a logo design, figure out what feeling you want to evoke when people see it. Browse through Pinterest for coordinating color palettes. Don’t choose a color simply because you like it… make sure it represents what you’re trying to say.


The key here is SIMPLICITY. Think about the high-end brands you love: Apple, Louie Vuitton, Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Audi, Mercedes Benz. The one thing they have in common is simplicity.

Have you ever been around that little kid who wanted to get your attention so bad it was obnoxious? That’s how we feel about overdone logos. If it’s too loud, too complicated, or too flashy, it can be detrimental to your brand.

A well-established, high-end brand doesn’t have to try too hard. They just exist and people know who they are. Apple is a trillion dollar company and their logo is a simple apple with a bite out of it. If Apple can keep it simple, so should you. Don’t worry about the fact that you’re a new business or you’re re-branding… don’t try to prove your value through a complex logo that no one understands. Keep it simple, build your business, and eventually your logo will be recognizable and synonymous with your brand.